Navneet Education launches ‘The Denim Series’ of long books under its Youva brand

Catering to the new generation

Newly launched long book under Youva brand

Youva, the stationery brand from Navneet Education Limited has launched a range of quirky and different set of long books for the Youth – “The Denim Series, long book with a denim finish along with a paper denim pocket”. Denim has always been a part of day to day fashion amongst the youth and now Youva gives a cool style statement through this unique set of Denim long books!

The book has a unique USP of having a denim print which makes the book stand out from the clutter along-with a paper denim pocket. The Denim Long book has a series of different colors light blue, dark blue and black. The quirky quote inside the pocket keeps the look of the product intact, even if the pocket is damaged / torn off.”

Youva, launched in 2016, is a young, dynamic brand which has always kept in mind the youth of India. It is a new stationery brand for paper and non-paper stationery. According to Navneet, notebooks are an indispensable part of education and Youva tries to make notebooks as interesting as possible for young minds with contemporary theme based cover designs.

“Navneet has always worked towards empowering the youth in achieving their goals. Our brand Youva has always supported their expression of creativity. For this special edition we wanted to use Denim, which is not only everlasting but also resonates with the youth of today,” says Shailendra Gala, director, Navneet Education Limited – Stationery Division.

According to Gala, the target audience for Youva—the school- and college-going students—have developed a sense of favoritism towards the brand.

“Since the kids and youth of today always want to be an integral part of the ‘cool’ gang in their group, they relate to the brand with funky and quirky products that stand out in the market. Youva has always strived to make notebooks and stationery as interesting as possible for the youth with theme-based cover designs. The parents who are the influencers also have a certain trust in the brand because it belongs to the house of Navneet Education,” he adds.

The entire paper stationery range, color and scholastic stationery (non-paper stationery; except the stick range) is covered under Youva.

Talking about market response, Gala says that it is too early to make any comments on the market demand as the product has been launched quite recently.

“But we have been getting a great response on both online and offline spaces. We hope that this traction continues for a long period of time. We at Youva keep innovation at the core for any premium product that we launch. Hence, there are many exciting products coming out soon,” he says.

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