ColorGATE supports new color measurement devices

ColorGATE production server supports the new spectrophotometers and spectrodensitometer


Germany-based ColorGATE has been supporting the printing industry for over 20 years by providing software for the wide format and industrial printing sectors. It is a leading provider of performance-optimized color management and workflow software to standardize and automate growing digital print markets including décor and textiles. As every material has its own specific surface characteristics, the newly-supported color measurement devices for the ColorGATE RIP software solutions provide sophisticated systems to measure in the most demanding digital print applications.

ColorGATE distributes color measuring devices and accessories for color management to create color profiles for digital imaging, prepress and digital printing. They perfectly complement the leading Productionserver software solutions for digital packaging, decorative surface production, digital textile printing, digital container decoration, and digital metal decoration.

Once the required color profiles have been created, they remain stored in the software and ensure the best possible color transformation of the print jobs – from the source format to the printing system’s color space. Color variations can be detected with the suitable measuring technology and corrected by recalibration – even before they become visible to the human eye.

A specialized measurement device, for example, is the sphere spectrophotometer. Sphere spectrophotometers can provide reflectance measurements in two ways: specular included (SPIN) and specular excluded (SPEX). The specular port can be opened and closed during the measurement to include or exclude specular reflection like gloss. It can be used to measure transparent and translucent samples, fluorescent samples, and color and appearance separately.

ColorGATE production server supports the new spectrophotometers such as X-Rite Ci6X Series, Color Sentinel Systems CSS110, Konica Minolta FD-5, FD-7 and FD-9, and Techkon SpectroDens, a spectrodensitometer.

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