Q.I. Press Controls enters into Serbian collaboration


The Serbia-based printing concern of Color Press Group is all set to install automation systems from Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC) on its presses. The heatset printer is investing in the mRC-3D system for color register and cut-off control supplied by the Dutch specialist in measurement and control equipment for the printing industry.

Quality improvements

Color Press Group has printing presses which belong to the previous generation. To get these operating at optimum capacity, the management considered an upgrade and update in automation an absolute necessity. “It’s a fiercely competitive market out there,” explains Zoran Tovjanin, executive director of Color Press Group, which carries out about 40% of its work for external clients. “For that reason it’s vital that we can deliver the best quality print. In addition to savings in efficiency, we expect the new QIPC system to bring about major quality improvements. Consequently, we will acquire a competitive edge over our rivals.”

Positive references

In opting for QIPC’s mRC-3D system for color and cut-off control, the reference visit at Grafoprodukt played a key role. “They spoke highly about their partnership with us,” says QIPC’s head of sales, Erwin van Rossem. Tovjanin added, “In the first place, the excellent references convinced us to work with QIPC.” Additionally, the personal contact and willingness on the part of QIPC to make changes simply confirmed this choice: “There was flexibility and a preparedness to adapt to our needs.”

Alleviating operators

In total, 4 mRC-3D cameras for color register and 2 mRC-3D cameras for cut-off control were installed on the Manroland Rotoman D press. The aim was to limit register waste to 500 revolutions and to restrict overall paper waste by 40%. Another objective was to enhance the quality of the printed matter. In addition, Tovjanin says, “What’s more, an upgrade of older machinery is always going to alleviate the work carried out by our staff. Their work will become easier.”

Balkan region

For QIPC, this new collaboration with the second largest printing concern in Serbia opens up the possibility of the company establishing itself more firmly in the Balkan region. The Dutch specialist in measurement and control systems for the printing industry is making ever deeper inroads into the region. “Our aim is to capture a larger share of the market here,” says van Rossem. “In Color print, we have absolute confidence of adding another satisfied customer to our portfolio, just like Grafoprodukt before them. Furthermore, it is precisely that satisfaction that is important for our further growth in the Balkans.”

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