Book publishing skills in the age of transmedia – December 1-2, 2017, New Delhi

Book publishing skills in the age of transmedia – December 1-2

This year, the Publishers Training Program for Young Professionals organized by the GBO Delhi and Frankfurt Book Fair is going beyond the book. The 2017 edition of PTPYP will help participants learn all about commercializing and safeguarding their in-house intellectual property (IP). They can rethink their backlist and contracts from an IP perspective, and see how they can maximize their potential. These analyses will be covered under various aspects of product transformation, Intellectual Property Rights, and marketing techniques based on data analysis.

The publishing industry is going through a revolution in trying to cope up with new-age content-publishing channels. Internet is not a tastemaker anymore but a content-publishing option itself changing the playing field for traditional publishing. When creativity in publishing content is the key to survival, factors such as time, resources and economics are working against it. The surplus supply of content has led to a paradox where no one wants to pay for mediocre content and it’s becoming harder to judge what good content is. Therefore, it becomes important for the content publishers to equip themselves with the strategies for 360° exploitation of content.

Program schedule

Friday 01 December
The TVF kickoff – An espresso shot of inspiration. The Viral Fever talks about building and sustaining TVF as an IP.

Book as a springboard – the potential of product transformation
Participants can rediscover the potential of their backlist and find the best-suited mode for transforming it into other media.

Harvesting IP – This is a discussion on the need to understand IP in the context of business and improving the team’s awareness of IP issues and policies. Publishers also need to add to their know-how of the status assessment essentials for their contract.

Accelerating global rights trading – Publishers’ existing contracts can be a passport for international trading. Jane Tapuni from IPR Licensing explains how publishers can go global with their existing backlist.

Saturday 02 December
Morning Idea-spark – Participants will be encouraged to get their minds together to rethink, transform and monetise their products. The idea is to think big, think different, and go beyond the book.

Know your customer – Advent of the digital has bridged the gap between the consumer and the publisher. This session will help participants understand the patterns, consumer behavior and tastes to sell direct. It offers all that they need to know about metrics-based decision making for IP commercialization.

Post lunch Idea-spark – This session will give participants an hour to lock down on their product plans and put those final touches on their presentations.

Idea-speak – presentation and feedback
The moment of reckoning. Final presentations, Q&A with experts and some feedback.

In 2014, GBO New Delhi launched a program for young professionals to impart skills needed in the age of transmedia, where the phone is increasingly becoming the primary device for access to information and knowledge. The workflows and revenue models have been influenced by this phenomena and are evolving to adapt to an atomized delivery of content.

Program details at a glance

Date – 1 and 2 December 2017
Time – 9.30 AM to 5.00 PM
Venue – PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Siri Fort Institutional Area, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi
Organizers – GBO New Delhi and Frankfurter Buchmesse

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