Inkjet Insight webinar — Understanding the Realities of Brand Colors (and Inkjet)

Eddy Hagen talks on The Reality of Brand Colors

Inkjet insight
Inkjet Insight Webinar on 4 October 2021

Inkjet Insight webinar bound to get feisty.  People have strong opinions on brand colors, how to match them, and how closely they should be matched. Not all of those viewpoints are founded on facts, and even those who claim to be relying on facts may be using sloppy or out-of-context research.

Can inkjet “hit” brand colors? That depends on what you mean by “hit.” The reality is that many brands don’t consistently hit their intended targets on any printing process, and color guides used to assess accuracy are themselves often flawed. This session will present research on brand color tolerance, the use of color guides, and the effectiveness of color guides in pursuit of color matching. Common challenges with specifying colors for accurate production will be discussed along with tools and standards for improving the process.

The webinar is on “Understanding the realities of Brand Colors (and Inkjet)” on Monday, 4 October 2021, at 1300 hrs IST. Eddy Hagen, chief executive officer, insight4print, and Elizabeth Gooding, inkjet insight, will be the speaker for the webinar.

What you’ll learn in the webinar

  • Why color guides can be misleading
  • How to set proper expectations for designers (and production)
  • Tools and approaches for specifying colors accurately

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