Quintype’s core web vitals 2021 program for publishers, Today!

Improving website performance and rank – discussing the new metrics

Quintype core web vitals 2021 program
Quintype core web vitals 2021 program

Quintype is organizing a webinar on 17 August 2021 at 3 p.m to discuss core web vitals of 2021. The speakers at this webinar, later today, will be Ramalingam S, VP of Quality at Quintype, and Anish Balan, VP of client services at Quintype. The meeting is for the digital publishers who want to improve their website performance and the loading speed of their webpages.

Core web vitals are the best way to keep your page rank high and attract your audience to the utmost. Google announced these vital factors in May 2020, and it is also sending a constant reminder to all the website owners so that they can update their websites regularly and easily attract their visitors.

The organizers say that Google has always prioritized its users and the webinar aims to help them enhance the page experience by fixing the website issues following the new set of evaluation metrics – the core web vitals. Quintype, at its webinar, will be discussing the various core web vital factors and sharing its perspective on how to make the most of the update.

Key points of discussion at Quintype event –

1. User experience factors
2. Why core web vitals are important
3. How to get your web presence aligned in light of the ongoing update

Hurry up! You have very little time to register yourself for its webinar. Click here and grab this opportunity to know more about the updates of core web vitals.

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