A guide for registration to Heidelberg’s Showtime

Help PDF for the curious owners and managers

A guide for registration to Heidelberg’s Showtime
page 2 of the helping to register PDF

Heidelberg India has realized that for some of us it may be more difficult to register for the ‘It’s Showtime – Something’ Big global event on 23 June 2021, than it is to run a multicolor Push to Stop press. Increasingly the new normal is not just clicking on a Zoom link and then falling asleep. Of course many of you are nimble and can register with one hand on your smart phones, but for others a little help may be needed.

This is serious business where you have to agree to various conditions and where you have to register and make a password and a link will be sent to you. Information about your organization is also needed for Heidelberg’s data collection. Appointments can also be made with Heidelberg experts and their local experts and sales team. As to what Something Big is we’re also just guessing but more hints should come any time now.

Some of the newly normal have got used to these steps and some never will. Nevertheless, Heidelberg India is keen to help and they are counting on you to wake up and get interested. Click here to go to the How to register for Heidelberg Showtime PDF.

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