Edward Roussel of Dow Jones & The Wall Street Journal joins Digital Media India 2021 program

Registration for the event is now open

Wan-Ifra Digital Media India 2021

Edward Roussel, chief innovation officer, Dow Jones & The Wall Street Journal will be joining the Digital Media India 2021 program. He will deliver the keynote on ‘Five key lessons in digital transformation and how to pivot to be a digital-friendly news organization’.

The registration to the Wan-Ifra Digital Media India 2021 Conference, coming up on 2-4 March, is open now. The conference program is custom-curated for the South Asia news publishing managers and brings in best practice case studies of leading publishers worldwide, including WSJ, BILDPlus, 24.com, Gannett, and others. Don’t miss the opportunity to find answers to the often debated topic of how to make and sustain revenue in digital.

The presentations include five key lessons in digital transformation by WSJ experiences; paid content strategy of The Hindu; product lead strategy of BILDPlus to retain loyal ‘paying’ readers; Brand Studio 24.com, connecting with the customers; Content to commerce model from MensXP; and building data capabilities, the Bonnier News Local way.

Stay tuned for the detailed program. Follow https://events.wan-ifra.org/events/digital-media-india-2021 for more information regarding the event.

The conference timing will be 10 am – 12 pm and 3 pm – 5 pm on all three days.

Register now from this link.
Wan-Ifra members get complimentary registration.

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