Lineomatic’s Ignis RR90 for producing A4 copy paper

Affordable industrial paper converting & wrapping machine

Lineomatic's Ignis RR90 for producing A4 copy paper

Lineomatic has brought to market its Ignis RR90, a cutting edge paper converting machine that marries quality with affordability. The dominant manufacturer and exporter of converting machines for the notebook industry says the Ignis is based on extensive market research of demand trends in the A4 copier paper industry. These papers are also extensively used by printers in both offices and home offices. The Ignis RR90 is designed to offer the highest value for money as per modern-day demands.

Built with both precision and efficiency with an easy-to-operate central interface, the Ignis RR90 is an industrial paper converting machine designed to be an affordable option for companies looking to enter this market segment. The core utility of the Ignis RR90 lies in its ability to directly convert large paper reels into A4 sized copier reams in a cost-effective way. With its name Ignis derived from the Latin word signifying fire – this industrial paper converter is built for speed and flexibility with smooth functioning.

The paper converting machine contains reliable and sophisticated high tech components working together in well-engineered and streamlined equipment. With its intuitive interface, the central control unit allows operators to synchronize some of the most advanced features and components currently used in the paper converting industry.

The Ignis RR90 includes and integrates twin unwind reel stations, a de-curling unit, a slitting unit, a Syncro-rotary cutting unit, a conveyor and a collating unit, and a robot conveyor and a ream wrapping unit at the output end. For those looking for a high level of automation in their paper converting needs with reliably precise output and continuous production, the Ignis RR90 is claimed to be the most cost-effective and suitable option available today.

Existing customers say that some of the benefits of the Ignis RR90 include the high-end quality of wrapping and the degree of paper cutting precision that it provides, which is unrivaled at this price range.

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This article was originally published on 10 November 2020.

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