HP Publishing Solutions to conduct webinar on publishing super powers

Part of HP Publishing 2020 vision webinar series

HP Publishing Solutions
HP Publishing Solutions to conduct webinar on publishing super powers

HP Publishing Solutions is hosting a webinar on ‘publishing super powers (part 2)’ as part of the HP Publishing 2020 vision series of webinars aimed at looking at the future of publishing in all its guises. The webinar will take place on 13 January 2021 at 1830 hours IST.

The UK and USA, in particular, are well-known for being publishing super powers, with in fact Germany and Japan being amongst the top 5 book markets in the world. We are now seeing other countries, however, both established and emerging as super powers on the publishing scene in different ways. What will the publishing world look like in 10 years’ time as these countries demonstrate initiative, innovation, and growth? Will they challenge the status quo? This is the ninth in the HP “Publishing 2020 Vision” series of webinars. Part 2 of the 2 part program of publishing super powers will feature speakers from India, Brazil, and Indonesia. All three publishing economies have stories to tell about their markets and the aspirations of the country to grow their publishing industry.

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