Vedi Offset Softlink Scanner’s new Xerox Iridesse

Beyond CYMK – Iridesse can print gold, silver, and white spot colors

Xerox Iridesse
Arun Singhania with the new Xerox Iridesse digital press at Vedi Offset Softlink Scanner in Nagpur

Nagpur-based entrepreneur Arun Singhania set up Vedi Softlink Scanner in 2003 after giving up his job in Mumbai. Singhania now runs two digital printing establishments in Nagpur – in Modern Mill Chowk and Shukrawari Road. The larger of the two digital print establishments printing covers 2,000 square feet, on two floors with a pre-press setup and the dedicated digital section. We reproduce an interview with Vedi Softlink’s Singhania, who has recently added a Xerox Iridesse to his digital pressroom. 

How long have you been associated with Xerox India, and how has the experience been so far?

We have a 17-year working relationship with Xerox, a company that focuses on innovation and creating technology that supports our business expansion. Our Xerox technology and digital presses include the D110, a Versant 3100, and our latest addition, the Iridesse. Frankly, Xerox technology has empowered us to deliver higher quality output and enhanced customer satisfaction.

What is your present area of business, and who are your clients? 

Our main clients include local advertising agencies. We also cater to freelancers, regular offset commercial printers, and end-users who walk-in. In addition to providing quality printing services, we offer post-press solutions like binding and lamination.

What made you invest in your newest digital press, the Xerox Iridesse?

At the time of our investment, the digital market was growing, and we believe this growth will increase due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our customers who used to order 500 to 1,000 prints for brochures are now opting for only 50-100 prints. Opting for eBrochures instead, they require only a few hard print copies currently. The demand for short-run labels has also increased after the lockdown. Earlier, customers used to print 500 to 1,000 wedding cards, but that has come down to 40 or 50 cards. Now eCards are preferred. As the digital market is rapidly growing, we decided that the Xerox Iridesse digital press can help us venture into this segment.

Customers are always interested in new and creative options – it could be some enhancement in a visiting card, catalog, or brochure. The old pattern of using just the standard four colors limited our creativity. With Iridesse’s ability to print gold, silver, and white, we can rise above our competition in the market, fulfill our customers’ demands, and increase our profitability. The Iridesse provides advantages in terms of size and thickness of the material and has a good speed for a production press. It also supports various media and provides an excellent platform for creative designers to explore more opportunities.

What kind of training and education support was provided by Xerox? Like operator training. 

Xerox’s training is excellent, and we are satisfied. As we’re very familiar with Xerox technology, we do not require much training on the hardware. The software training was beneficial, especially for the specialty colors that can be added by the Iridesse.

Have you tried other digital printing presses as well? What were the reasons to consider Xerox to other manufacturers? What were your other options, and how did the Xerox Iridesse beat them?

Before the Iridesse, we had the Xerox D110, Versant 3100, and 1000 digital presses. We have always found Xerox to be the best. We went for the Iridesse digital press as, to us, there was no other competition. The machine can go beyond the standard four colors, which is not available in any of the competitor brands. Other printer companies approached us, but we had set our sights on the Iridesse.

After its installation, how has been your experience with the machine?

We installed the Iridesse in October. We’ve had a great response, and it has met our expectations. Previously, we experienced demand for prints on metalized polyester and transparent sheets. But, we could not deliver as a white color option was not available. With the Iridesse, we have the choice of white shades, and we can fulfill our customers’ requirements. The new Fiery digital front end for the Iridesse is user-friendly, and my operators and technicians are pleased with the ease it provides for the digital print workflow.

How will Xerox Digital press boost your production and business?

Customers always seek new technologies that help boost creativity and add more value to existing materials. With the Iridesse in place, we will cater to this increased demand. We are confident of generating good volumes in Central India and expect around 100% growth within a year. The current turnover of our company is between Rs 4 to 5 crore per annum. As mentioned, with Iridesse now, we are expecting to double this within a year.

In 2024, we are looking at full recovery and growth-led investment in Indian printing

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India is a large and tough terrain and while its book publishing and commercial printing industry have recovered and are increasingly embracing digital print, the Indian newspaper industry continues to recover its credibility and circulation. The signage industry is also recovering and new technologies and audiences such as digital 3D additive printing, digital textiles, and industrial printing are coming onto our pages. Diversification is a fact of life for our readers and like them, we will also have to adapt with agility to keep up with their business and technical information needs.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in nominal and real terms – in a region poised for the highest change in year to year expenditure in printing equipment and consumables. Our 2024 media kit is ready, and it is the right time to take stock – to emphasize your visibility and relevance to your customers and turn potential markets into conversations.

– Naresh Khanna

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