Onyx Graphics announces global availability of Onyx 21

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Onyx Graphics announces global availability of Onyx 21

Onyx Graphics recently announced the global availability of Onyx 21, the company’s newest software version release. Onyx 21 introduces swatch books 2.0 to print, scan, iterate and report on the ideal colour match, with options to add print mode defined colours in a single click. Intuitive PDF tilemaps to streamline tile job workflows and help guide installation with the ability to produce tilemaps before, during, or after printing that can be automated using Onyx quick sets. Combined with new dynamic print label capabilities, Onyx 21 delivers innovative tools for print shop branding with flexibility to connect to existing business tools.

“We’re amazed at the response Onyx 21 has already received through our virtual launch events,” said Matt Crawford, director of Product Marketing at Onyx Graphics. “Customers are already seeing the impact of swatch books 2.0 with fast colour matching, while new print label capabilities are providing opportunities both inside and outside their print shop.”

Highlights of Onyx 21 include printing, scanning, iterating, and reporting on the ideal color match using swatch books 2.0; adding print mode defined colours in a single click; generating colour-managed tilemaps including tile list information to guide installation; utilizing portable Adobe PDF tilemaps for installation, customer transparency, and print job previews; automating tilemaps on any job using quick sets 2.0; adding images to print labels including logos for increased brand visibility; rotating print labels 180 degrees on banners and canvas prints; generating dynamic QR codes with important job information; connecting to existing business tools using barcodes or QR codes, and using the latest Adobe technology including Adobe PDF Converter APC 3.1.

Onyx 21, covering the entire product portfolio of Onyx solutions including Onyx thrive print workflow software; and all Onyx RIP products is globally available. It is available to all Onyx advantage customers by requesting a key update and to all other customers through a license purchase. Onyx Graphics is providing a special promotion to upgrade. Customers are encouraged to visit www.onyxgfx.com for more information.

Since 1989, Onyx Graphics is dedicated to helping customers increase productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge with superior print and colour quality. Its passion for delivering superb colour led to the development of Onyx Color, Onyx Graphics’ own color engine optimized specifically for large format inkjet printing.

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