Koenig & Bauer partnered with DCOS on Compacta S80 retrofit and upgrade

New feature in DCOS Print Inspection System developed

Koenig & Bauer partnered with DCOS on Compacta S80 retrofit and upgrade

The Koenig & Bauer Compacta S80 short-grain heatset press is said to be known for its robustness, dependability and high print quality. Even though these presses were manufactured decades ago, they are still used and require service-life-extensions and automation upgrades.

Koenig & Bauer partnered with DCOS to develop a retrofit & upgrade solution for these presses and first out is a 1991 vintage Compacta S80 in Germany. Besides a complete drive and control system upgrade the project also includes a fully loaded print inspection system.

DCOS offers a new approach in operation and control systems, operator interfaces, production follow-up and camera-based inspection systems for new and printing press installations, including retrofitting of existing ones. The company has printing press customers across the world and operates a strong service organization based on a network of skilled agents and partners.

The original drive and control systems were facing absolute obsolescence and becoming a liability. DCOS automation platform Printing Framework was customized to fit the needs in a combined engineering effort between Koenig & Bauer and DCOS.

It incorporates new main drive system, mechanical PIVs has been replaced by shaftless drives, updated safety system and a new machine and quality control system.

Mattias Andersson, chief executive officer at DCOS, says: “Customizing a Retrofit on a thirty-year-old press, that was fairly automated for its time, always comes with some engineering challenges. We have enjoyed being part of this project together with Koenig & Bauer and it is rewarding to see the outcome. A modernized & fully automated press with many productive years ahead… and only 30 years old.”

To further increase print quality and waste efficient the project scope also included a full DCOS closed-loop density, colour register and cut-off control system, and softproof system.

A new feature in the DCOS Print Inspection Systems family was developed for this project, a camera-based closed-loop web-guide control system. This feature will serve as a possible upgrade solution for obsolete web-guide control systems.

DCOS Inspection Systems is a range of in-house developed camera-based systems for the printing industry. The systems automate a majority of the traditionally manual quality adjustments made in the printing process. This in turn increases productivity and cost-effectiveness as waste, start-up time, use of consumables and manning can be greatly reduced. At the same time a high and consistent quality is guaranteed.

DCOS Inspection System measures solid ink micro marks. Offline densitometric measurement of ink solid is proven in the industry for decades, it simple and stable. DCOS has reengineered the concept and developed an online high-speed solution adaptable to any press. This technology is claimed to be optimized for best performance, repeatability and effectiveness.

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