INMA Knows introduces best practices in personalization

Case studies for personalized consumer experiences

INMA Knows introduces personalization in advertising experiences

International News Media Association (INMA) has recently launched a webinar on personalization named “INMA Knows.” Have we met the high bar of expectations for true one-to-one communications, or are publishers merely at the stage of “smart segmentation”? The new INMA knows answers to these questions on the subject of personalization.

Through the latest INMA Knowsdistillation, the company brings out the best practices in personalization from the INMA network: 12 editor-curated case studies that takes the users on the road to personalization for the world consumer and advertiser experiences along with ten best reads on the subject.

Case studies include The Times of London, Ringier Axel Springer, Aller Media, Singapore Press Holdings, BBC, NZME, The Athletic, CNN, Aftenposten, The Economist, Dow Jones, and Bonnier News Local (formerly MittMedia).

The webinar aims to teach about AI, digital butlers, publisher personalization systems, machine learning, voice tech, content recommendations, home page algorithms, CDPs, and the ethics behind reader silos.

INMA Knows is a content surfacing project designed to personally curate all association resources on a single subject of high interest to INMA members. Other INMA Knows topics published recently include connecting with community, Covid-19 response, mobile, newsletters, podcasts and audio, subscriber retention, third-party cookies and advertising, and video.

INMA aims to curate a new subject monthly, where these subjects are updated regularly. This would be a free service for INMA members.

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