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Hyper-regional online ads for Team Beverage 

"Online marketing has now become a further pillar in our digital business development," explains Nicolas Sonnenberg, head of Retail at Team Beverage. Photo ppi Media

27 August 2020. Team Beverage is the leading procurement, distribution, marketing, and service platform for Germany’s beverage industry. ppi Media has developed an innovative concept with Team Beverage Einzelhandel to automatically provide the customers of specialist beverage stores with centrally controlled, hyper-regional and targeted ads on Google and Facebook. ppi Media is currently developing a software solution to realize the new online initiative. The joint project was launched with Team Beverage on 13 August 2020.

Team Beverage is an associated group and independent platform that brokers, markets, and distributes 3.9 billion products every year. Team Beverage has been working with ppi Media to develop and establish an innovative concept for automated, hyper-regional ads on Google and Facebook to better support beverage stores and retail chains that work with the company.

The plan is to display online ads for specific offers at the specialist beverage stores marketed by Team Beverage in each retailer’s immediate vicinity within the large Google and Facebook advertising networks. The ads will be created automatically with the appropriate information from a central Team Beverage database. And a relevant landing page will also be generated automatically for each ad to provide end customers with further information. The landing pages may also contain QR codes or electronic coupons for customers to redeem an offer in-store.

The project managers at Team Beverage expect the solution to generate a significant increase in sales for their own company and specialist beverage stores. “Team Beverage and ppi Media have developed a completely innovative concept. Thanks to our centrally controlled online ads, we can promote offers and display targeted ads for our customers on Google and Facebook in the immediate vicinity of each retailer, which is ultimately where customers will take advantage of the offers. Social media and online marketing have now become a further pillar in our digital business development,” explains Nicolas Sonnenberg, head of Retail at Team Beverage.

The COO of ppi Media, Manuel Scheyda, shares his views on the project, “We’ve been digitizing and automating workflows for media companies for 35 years. It’s in our blood. We’re now making our wealth of experience available to customers from other sectors and working with them to develop innovative digitization concepts. We’re delighted to be working with Team Beverage Einzelhandel on our latest digitization project. The concept of significantly simplifying the publication of online ads for companies has met with great interest in many sectors.”

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