MMS-TechNova webinar on controlling power costs

 Save on power costs by paying early and working at night

The MMS-TechNova webinar on power costs held on 7 August
The MMS-TechNova webinar on power costs held on 7 August

The Mumbai Mudrak Sangh (MMS), in association with TechNova Imaging Systems, organized a webinar ‘Empower Jargon Made Simple’ on 7 August. Medha Virkar, past president, MMS, spoke on the importance of power costs for printers. Sandeep Guram of TechNova Imaging Systems gave an elaborate presentation on the subject.
Guram said that power bills should be paid promptly before the due date as printers can get a rebate of 1%, and if they pay after the bill due date, they are charged a 1.5% penalty and end up paying a cost of 2.5% per month.

Printers can use power during off-peak hours and plan their work shifts accordingly. He also advised printers to keep a regular tab on any variations in the bill and check the reasons for any rise in the per-unit cost.

After the presentation, there was a question and answer session moderated by Tushar Dhote, president, MMS. Shreerang Joshi, of TechNova Imaging Systems, thanked the MMS managing committee. He also took the opportunity to brief the webinar audience about the various green projects undertaken by TechNova to reduce its and the industry’s carbon footprint.

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