The Ghent Workgroup’s free webinar on 23 June 2020

10 things you shouldn't do with PDF

The Ghent Workgroup webinar

The Ghent Workgroup announced a new free webinar on Tuesday, 23 June 2020 at 4 pm. While all of our work with PDF on a daily basis in graphic arts, there are still things we do that we really shouldn’t. Sometimes that can’t be helped, sometimes there are better alternatives. In all cases, knowing the potential problems may save lots of trouble.

PDF is of course an ideal format for use in graphic arts. Even more so if standards, such as those from the ISO or GWG are used. But like anything, PDF comes with its share of risks, and things you should not do. In this webinar, GWG has selected 10 pitfalls while dealing with PDF. Each attendee will learn why it is done, what are the risks involved, and whether there aren’t any better ways of obtaining the same effect.

This webinar is not about berating anybody about what they are doing in their workflow,” the presenters say. “However, it is important that people realize the risks they are taking in some cases. Understanding risks is key in keeping them under control.” The webinar will touch on color management issues, issues with specific tools, transparency and font issues, and more. And of course, there will be room to ask your own questions.


This webinar will be presented by David van Driessche and Christian Blaise. Combined they bring over 50 years of experience working with PDF, automation, workflow, and many more arcane subjects.

Van Driessche is the executive director of the GWG and co-chair of the Specification subcommittee. In his professional life, he’s also the chief technical officer of Four Pees, a Belgian value-added distributor for the graphic arts market.

Blaise is the marketing officer of the GWG and co-chair of the packaging subcommittee. Next to that Blaise founded agileStreams, a consultancy in graphic arts built on years of experience of working with brand-owners and printers.

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The Ghent Workgroup will use GoToWebinar to host this webinar. In order to join, please reserve your place using the following link:

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