A&B Printing adds RMGT 7 Series press

To supplement pressroom and allow for added capacity

Automated 6-Up Press adds 150% More Capacity

A&B Printing announced the addition of a full 6-UP RMGT five-color with coater sheetfed offset press to supplement its pressroom and allow for added capacity. The need for this new press was largely driven by much higher demand from A&B Printing’s customers around the U.S. “A&B Printing produces most of our volume for other printers so our print quality has to be great,” comments Jim Sharp, president of A&B Printing. “Our customer’s demand is up and this press has allowed us to maximize our output in finishing as well. Many of our regular customers have remarked on the great image quality we are producing on the RMGT 7 Series.”

A&B Printing operates from its extremely well kept 16,000 sq. ft. facility and they have made the Western part of Ohio home since the company was founded in 1988. “Workers in our part of Ohio are bright, resourceful and very hard-working”, says Mark Bornhorst who leads A&B Printing’s manufacturing. “Some of our staff have been with us for nearly 3 decades so we are a lot like family. The RMGT 7 Series Press joins our high-speed webs and several sheetfed offset presses. The RMGT 7 Series full 23.63” X 31” sheet size brings new capabilities to A&B Printing.”

“Booklets make up a large percentage of our finished product,” continues Sharp. “This new press feeds our Horizon StitchLiner with three 4-pagers whereas our other press only produced two signatures. The added capacity has come just in time since A&B Printing is in the midst of double-digit growth over the past 3-4 years. We visited several RMGT customers with our Territory Manager from Graphco, Gary Greis, and the customers all raved about the quality, durability, and productivity of their presses. So far their comments have matched our experience.”

Over the past few years, A&B Printing has been recognized by their international Print Management customers for their attention to quality, shipping deadlines, and excellent value. Distributors such as Proforma have also recognized A&B Printing as one of their “Best of the Best” suppliers. “We are proud of the recognition that our customers have given us,” comments Sharp, “and we work hard every day to continue to be their number one supplier.”

Prior to acquiring A&B Printing in 2004, Jim Sharp’s career included over 30 years with the US Navy where he retired with the rank of Captain. The next phase of his career led him to run a very large manufacturing plant for a major bicycle company in Ohio. “Many of the lessons I learned in both the Navy and making bikes come into how we operate here at A&B Printing today. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes in both manufacturing and customer service so that we can keep the customers we have and gain new ones as well.”

“As I look back on Graphco’s over 20-year relationship with A&B Printing I’m extremely proud of the fact that from Jim’s pressroom to bindery practically every investment he has made came through Graphco,” says Chris Manley, president of Graphco. “Both of our companies share a similar work ethic and it’s rewarding that our two companies have very much grown our businesses together. We are proud of the company we keep.”

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