ppi Media is playing an important role in ensuring newspaper production for its Indian publishing customers.

Corona crisis- ppi Media is 100% available for its Indian customers

Corona crisis - We keep going! Photo - ppi

A comprehensive package of measures was put together by ppi Media in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing its employees to work from home – wherever possible – to ensure their health and safety and fully maintain the company’s support services. This has allowed ppi Media to ensure the full continuation of its customer care. As a result, publishing customers in India can be sure that their newspaper production will not run into technical difficulties in a general state of emergency. This applies to all ppi Media solutions – from planning to content creation.

ppi Media’s uninterrupted performance is also supported by the fact that the company officially forms part of Germany’s critical infrastructure. This means that employees at ppi Media can make use of options like emergency childcare when necessary.

Partner in crisis situations

ppi Media is also expanding its range of services for international publishing customers to ensure the maintenance of critical infrastructure in the current situation. In recent weeks, for example, the company has helped its customers to ensure the connection of employees working from home and to outsource production to new printing houses when printing service providers have been at risk of inactivity. “We’re actively approaching our customers to determine potential issues where we can offer support. Our international customers, such as publishing companies in India, can rely 100% on our services. Our Indian customers will also receive free licenses for our e-paper solution until the end of the corona crisis to ensure digital distribution options for newspapers”, explains Hauke Berndt, chief executive officer of ppi Media. “We’re pleased to see that our technologies and structures developed in recent years offer our customers a high level of reliability in the current situation”.

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