Dimense – Adding new dimensions to wallpaper printing and interior decoration business

For printing customized 3D textured designs

Dimense allows to print 3D textured designs
Dimense allows to print 3D textured designs

As an innovator and leader in the print industry Apsom Infotex in association with Lithuania-based wallpaper printer manufacturer Veika, offers forward-thinking, creative solutions aligned with a vision of sustainability. For digitally printed environmental graphics, murals, and wall coverings, large format inkjet digital print solution provider, Apsom Infotex recently launched the Dimense technology – an innovative solution by Lithuania based Veika at Media Expo Mumbai.

This innovative, wide format printer supports the printing of customized 3D textured designs. As the first printer to print colors and create structure simultaneously when used in conjunction with Latex Ink and Dimense Media, it offers a unique experience and result that can be used to convey expression, create texture, and promote differentiation.

Dimense Advantage

Currently, a special media is sourced and a complex 3D printing technique is followed to achieve 3D effects on wallpapers. The traditional process is costly, time-taking and limits printers in terms of what they want to achieve. While the new technology enables prints and creates the structure in one go and is ready to hang with no time.

Sustainable solution

Ecodec – The green wallpaper media is made from an eco-friendly polyolefin compound. PVC Free, Plasticizer free and has no odor and at the same time recyclable. The water-based Latex Ink reduces the environmental impact.

Build your Digital decor business:

  • Opportunity to move away from traditional techniques, which limited wall-covering design;
  • Transformation of unique design ideas into stunning interior wallpaper effects;
  • The environmentally sustainable technology solution enables business growth for clients.

The printer complements the needs of those looking to add another dimension to their value proposition with wallpaper solutions such as feature/accent walls in-home restaurants, hotels, hospitals, or retail settings. Although the media is ideal for wallpaper applications, it can also be used for creative packaging and roll-ups.

Wallpaper designs can be printed in various patterns
Wallpaper designs can be printed in various patterns

Within a launch of one year and with 61 installations, worldwide Dimense technology is the most sought after product in the category. Be it printing house, wallpaper manufacturers, packaging house, promotional agency, Dimense technology is being adopted more and is also becoming the obvious choice for end-users like interior decorators, wallpaper suppliers, restaurant owners, and corporates for office interiors.

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