Romain Rolland Prize for Translation of French fiction into Indian Languages

Romain Rolland Prize
Sanjoy Roy, producer JLF, Michele Albaret-Maastsch, translator, Ajay Mago, publisher Om Books, Emmanuel Lenain, ambassador of France in India, Deepa Chaudhuri and Puneet Gupta and Leila Slimani novelist and winner of the Prix Goncourt. Deepa Chaudhuri and Puneet Gupta were awarded the Romain Rolland Prize 2020 for their translation Asterix into Hindi. Photo IPP

The Romain Rolland Prize award for the best of French fiction (or fiction originally in French) translated into Indian languages was won this year Deepa Chaudhuri and Puneet Gupta, along with Publisher Ajay Mago of Om Books, for their Hindi translation of the popular comic series Asterix from the original French. The award includes an invitation to the Livre Paris Book Fair 2020 for the publisher of the work and a one-month residency for the translator in France.  This year’s Romain Rolland Award is more special because India is the Guest of Honor at the Paris Book Fair. Deepa Chaudhuri was generous in her praise of the other finalists in contention for the third Romain Rolland Prize.

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  1. Unfortunately, it was announced yesterday 2nd March 2020, that the Livre de Salon Paris or the Paris Book Fair 2020 is canceled. The French government has ruled that gatherings of more 5,000 or more are banned till because of the Coronavirus. Last year the Paris Book Fair attracted 140,000 visitors over its 4 days.


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