Komori India sells to Naraina-based Advantage Offset

Komori at Pamex 2020

Komori India team with Ashwani Gulati of Advantage Offset at Pamex 2020. Photo IPP
Komori India team with Ashwani Gulati of Advantage Offset at Pamex 2020. Photo IPP

Komori is a regular participant in the biennial Pamex exhibition in Mumbai. In our visit to the Komori stand, we met with Sangam Khanna, deputy managing director of Komori India, and he says, “All the verticals of print are not doing bad. If you see, packaging may have had a hit, so has commercial printing. We have been in a position to be successful with printers who are intermediate. Commercial printing hasn’t grown in the last couple of years but other verticals such as publishing have grown by 12%. However, once a printer invests in a press with an inline coater, he can not only offer value-added commercial printing work to his customers but can also venture to other, more lively segments such as packaging.

“While, digital has picked up, the digital machine numbers have not picked up. The digital segment is now undergoing transformation where people are buying refurbished digital presses under fasma which has grown the digital volumes. There will always be growth in one vertical or the other print vertical.” Komori India has almost reached its target for FY 19-20 and with three months left for the year to end, Khanna feels that the company can easily sail through to meeting its targets.

Komori Lithrone 437 with coater sold to Advantage Offset

At Pamex 2020, Komori announced the sale of its flagship Lithrone 437 with inline anilox coater to Naraina-based Advantage Offset who also won a ticket to drupa 2020 with this purchase. Earlier, Komori announced a special offer for printers who plan to visit drupa 2020 to help them understand new technologies and strategize future investments.

Ashwani Gulati of Advantage Offset, is an existing customer of Komori. The company owns two refurbished Heidelberg presses and one Komori 4-color press that it bought in 2015. “The speed of the new Komori presses will help me a lot. I also have two second-hand Heidelberg presses but since they’re old, they’re not fast enough. The new press with help me almost double my production on a daily basis,” says Ashwani Gulati of Advantage Offset.

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