JPEG XS, the new image compression standard

VR in the newsroom. Photo: Christian Laukemper, courtesy WAN-IFRA

Following speed issues with virtual reality and 360° videos, the Joint Photographic Experts Group or JPEG introduced a new image compression standard at WAN-IFRA 2019 in Berlin. The new image compression standard that is in the process of being approved as the ISO 21122 standard.
With the new format, the image-compression process uses less energy, and higher-quality images travel with low latency over broadband networks like 5G. JPEG XS has applications in areas such as virtual reality, augmented reality, space imagery, self-driving cars, and professional movie editing. JPEG compression, which has been widely popular over the past 25 years, typically reduces image file sizes by a factor of ten.
The JPEG XS standard compresses files by no more than a factor of six. With the new standard, computers, tablets, or smartphones may be used to project a high-definition movie or a video game onto a large-screen display almost instantaneously. No cables would be required, while the image quality remains high.
The multimedia industry is currently awaiting final approval by ISO’s TC 130 for the ISO 21122 standard. Once obtained, JPEG XS-based products and services can be launched.

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