G7 training program by Idealliance –11-13 October, Kochi

Attendees to gain extensive knowledge about G7 methodology

G7 training program to be held in Kochi on 11-13 October
G7 training program to be held in Kochi on 11-13 October

Idealliance will be conducting a three-day training in Kochi on 11-13 October, featuring in-depth demonstrations, live G7 press and proof application, hands-on practical experience and leading global print standards implementation. The program will be conducted in partnership with SquareDOTS, Idealliance, Kerala Master Printers Association (KMPA) and Anaswara Offset Pvt. Ltd.

G7 is Idealliance’s global industry-leading set of specifications for achieving visual similarity across all print processes currently being revised into ISO 12647-2. G7 expert trainer Jeff Collins will lead instruction and demonstration covering G7 methodology, implementation and strategies developed to maintain the highest possible process control and color management consistency and fidelity for alignment across any print technology. Open to the public, attendees will gain extensive knowledge of G7 methodology through hands-on practical experience, discussion and extensive review to gain certification as G7 Experts or G7 Professionals.

Training will focus on G7 theory and implementation; extensive, live, practical on-press demonstrations, including G7 calibration, profiling and verification; process control and workflow management through G7.

The training program will be beneficial for color management and process control experts, content and media creators, press operators and pressroom supervisors, prepress supervisors and technicians, quality assurance managers, printing hardware and software technology providers, brands and brand owners, color quality managers and print and packaging consultants.

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