Quark Content Automation Platform 14.3 release available

Improves ease-of-use and boosts productivity

Quark content automation platform 14.3 release now available
Quark content automation platform 14.3 release now available

Quark has announced the availability of the 14.3 release of the Quark Content Automation Platform. The new 14.3 release introduces usability updates that span the entire platform. Content development teams may benefit from better functionality that improves ease-of-use and boosts productivity, including time-saving editing and saving improvements, enhancements to copy and paste, intuitive content structuring functionality and additional features such as responsive popups and large table handling.

“The biggest driver behind our continuous updates to the Quark Content Automation Platform is helping our customers work as efficiently as possible. The many updates in the 14.3 release improve how content teams across marketing, sales, HR, legal, operations and other departments create, edit and update content. With better content processes, these teams can better serve their customers, partners and employees,” said Chris Hickey, chief executive officer of Quark.

Whether creating new content, updating existing content or collaborating on content across departments, the 14.3 release of the Quark Content Automation Platform improves the development of business-critical content. The release includes dozens of new customer-requested features and functionality that fall into a few categories.


Enhanced editing and saving

New functionality takes the guesswork out of daily content editing and saving. From new spellcheck functionality and periodic local saves to document history snapshots and error recovery, content teams can ensure all changes will be saved and tracked.


Enhancements to copy/paste

Copy and paste is a critical function of day-to-day authoring processes. Efficiency is increased with the new functionality that improves how to copy/paste footnotes and endnotes, tracked changes, comments and more.


Intuitive content structuring

Now it’s even easier to move and restructure content within a Quark Author document. To add sections before and after existing sections – or change the hierarchy of sections of a document – users can simply click on the section and choose from a menu of options.

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