DOT Institute of Graphic Communication (DIGC) completes one year

Convocation held in Mumbai

Students of DOT Institute of Graphic Communications (DIGC)
Students of DOT Institute of Graphic Communications (DIGC)

Mumbai-based DOT Institute of Graphic Communication (DIGC) has completed one successful year and in this one year, the company has trained three batches of students who came to Mumbai from places such as Jammu, Indore, Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur and Kalyan.

DIGC is the brainchild of Tushar Dhote and Uday Dhote, directors at Dhote Offset Technokrafts (DOT). DIGC aims to introduce fresh graduates to the practical aspects of production and provide focused training in various aspects of print technology. DIGC is not the only endeavor of DOT to make print industry more professional, it has also been spreading awareness about career prospects in print industry to students from non-print colleges.

To mark the one-year occasion DIGC organized the convocation ceremony of its students on 10 July at the MIG Club in Bandra East, Mumbai. The event was attended by a number of leading personalities from the print as well as education industry. Tushar delivered the welcome speech at the convocation ceremony and thanked DIGC’s Board of Studies.

“The idea of DIGC is to provide a holistic educational experience to students as well as next generation of family-owned businesses to make capable managers and entrepreneurs. Somewhere we felt that print was not getting the due importance among the new generation. We have tried to make print glamourous as well,” Tushar said.

Tushar Dhote, director of Dhote Offset Technokrafts (DOT)
Tushar Dhote, director of Dhote Offset Technokrafts (DOT)

He shared that DIGC has showed films at various colleges where print as a subject is studied. This has been done to make the potential students understand what print technology and the industry is all about, he added.

After Tushar’s talk, Uday spoke about the one-year journey of DIGC and various courses that DIGC offers, namely intensive technical course which comprises of prepress, press and postpress; management course which comprises of post-graduate diploma in print management, and short-term courses of three months on topics such as CtP, designing, digital printing, color management, press standardization, quality control and costing and estimating.

“We started with just one student in PG diploma in press management. Even when there was just one student it did not deter us from our mission,” Uday said. The first batch then saw addition of two other students from Pune and Mumbai. Two more students joined the second batch, one from Jammu and one from Hyderabad. This batch also had four students for short-term courses. The third batch has two students from Indore and one student for research work.

Uday Dhote, director of Dhote Offset Technokrafts (DOT)
Uday Dhote, director of Dhote Offset Technokrafts (DOT)

Uday also informed the guests about the various initiatives that DIGC has taken to collaborate with industry bodies and other government agencies. DIGC has signed an MoU with Government Polytechnic, Beed and with Media and Entertainment Skill Council.

Going forward DIGC has planned a corporate training program with MMS, G7 standardization program with Pressman Solutions, Chennai. After Uday’s speech, dignitaries from the print industry spoke and congratulated the students. This was followed by students speaking about their experience at DIGC.

The students who were present at the convocation were Aleti Srikanth Reddy (post-graduate diploma in press management), Apoorv Dewan (post-graduate diploma in press management), Aaditya Pahuja (post-graduate diploma in press management), Yash Pahuja (post-graduate diploma in press management), Swapnil Babaji Erande (certificate course in costing & estimation), Vaideha Harish Dhote (certificate course in production planning & client servicing), Gudiya Singh Bhullan Prasad (certificate course in costing & estimation) and Shaikh Aliya Mumtaz Ahmed (certificate course in costing & estimation).

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