Dizario’s LED manufacturing in FY 19-20

Screen printing machines from China

Dizario's new XDY – 6575NP screen printing machine.

Dizario Industries in Faridabad sells screen printing machines, LED UV systems, UV interdeck systems, roller coating machines, UV curing systems and table top curing systems. It also makes fabric printing machines. Recently, the company tied up with an undisclosed Chinese company to resell its automated flat-bed screen printing machines in India under its own name.

Dizario will provide post-sales services for the XDY – 6575NP screen printing machine, which has a maximum printing size of 650 x 750 mm and a maximum screen of 1000 x 1200 mm, and can of course print on a variety of substrates.

Dizario also sells UV curing systems wherein the UV varnish or ink is applied to an object and when it is passed through the UV light, it gets cured or polymerized instantly. “So far, we’ve installed close to 60 UV and LED UV curing systems in India. We have been receiving similar demand for the machine throughout India. We recently installed three systems in three companies in Kanpur. We have installed three machines in Delhi and Ludhiana, four in Indore and two in Ahmedabad. We will soon be setting up an LED UV system manufacturing unit in India,” says Anil Saini, managing director of Dizario Industries.

There are a lot of commercial printers who are diversifying to packaging these days. This is mainly because commercial printing is slowly being dominated by digital printing solutions. Just about a year ago, the commercial printers feared having to close their businesses due to the sharp decline in demand in the commercial printing segment. But again, they saw a ray of hope to revive their business by entering the packaging segment. I think this will help the packaging industry grow significantly,” explains Saini.

Explaining his point further, Saini says, “The downfall in commercial was mainly due to the fall in demand because of the digital segment. That won’t be the case in packaging. The demand will not die down. For a good 3 to 4 years, the demand in packaging won’t decline.”

Next the company will enter the furniture segment. It plans to provide UV coating to various wooden applications. “We were providing UV coatings on furniture in our previous company but didn’t really think about venturing into this segment earlier. The idea was to pioneer one segment first and then enter the other segments,” Saini explains.

Strong demand for Chinese screen printing machines

Close to 1000 screen printing machines are being imported to India from China each year. “If these imports are being done from China, it means there is a huge demand in India. Though we see a huge potential for screen printing machines in India, we will not be manufacturing them in India. We will continue to import these machines from China. But by the beginning of the next financial year, we will set up a LED UV system manufacturing unit in India,” shares Saini.

In the ongoing financial year, the company has already achieved a turnover of Rs. 10 crores. Going forward the company has resolved to double its turnover as well as its production capacity every consecutive year.

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