Onyx Graphics’s ColorCheck toolset for color accuracy

ColorCheck, a process control toolset for productivity and profitability in wide-format printing

ColorCheck, part of ONYX 18 software

Onyx Graphics, Inc., a market leader in wide-format and grand-format RIP and print workflow software, has developed ColorCheck, a process control toolset for color accuracy, consistency, and conformance to standards such as G7 and FOGRA. ColorCheck was introduced in May 2018 with ONYX 18.

Bryan Manwaring, director of product marketing at Onyx Graphics said,“ColorCheck represents so much more than ensuring superior output that can be proven to print buyers. We’re seeing ColorCheck effectively stop the need for reworks from bad prints.”

“ColorCheck literally saved us during a time-sensitive print job for one of our national customers,” said Leonard Moore, president and chief executive officer of Canada-based Signboom. “We ordered new media to meet the deadline on a two-part print run, and ColorCheck caught the difference in white-point, saving us thousands in wasted ink and media from wrong prints. Color accuracy and consistency is incredibly important to our customers and us. Now we won’t print without ColorCheck.”

ColorCheck is the industry toolset for color accuracy, consistency, and conformance to standards that can be validated to print buyers. It provides output consistency before printing, and have site-wide control of print output quality across devices for all media profiles. In addition, in-product indicators reduce waste and save both ink and media with alerts built into the RIP-Queue interface, notifying the user when to perform printer maintenance.

ColorCheck is part of ONYX 18 software, and is an integrated module in ONYX Thrive, accessible with an ONYX Advantage Gold subscription. Current ONYX users can request a key update and all other customers can gain access through a license purchase. The ONYX Advantage subscription program gives ONYX software users a quick and easy way to keep their software current and secure their investment.

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