FUJIFILM Jet Press – the new digital inkjet press

The press to be available in North America by end-2018

Fujifilm Jet Press 750S

The graphic systems division of Fujifilm Corporation based in North America recently announced the launch of its new digital inkjet press. Jet Press 750S will be available in North America by year-end. The press is capable of printing 3600 B2 sheets an hour, for both static and variable jobs, with a maximum sheet size of 23” x 29.5”.

The J Press 750S features the Fujifilm Dimatix Samba printheads along with a 6-up letter size imposition and increased speed, delivering double the sellable output compared to the earlier version. The overall footprint is reduced by 15% and the energy consumption by 23%.

The J Press 750S delivers better quality with innovative technology, including good image quality at par with offset printing. Featuring the new-gen Fujifilm dimatix samba print-heads along with Fujifilm’s aqueous pigment VIVIDIA ink, the J Press 750S prints output that has the potential to exceed the quality of offset printing platforms. The 750S delivers flat tints, smooth gradients, perfect black tints, sharp text, fine line work and superior flesh tones and has an extensive color gamut reaching upwards of 90% of the pantone library.

The J Press 750S at its optimum speed is 33 percent faster than the current J Press 720S, without any compromise in quality. The sheet size of 23″ x 29.5″ the printing capacity increases by 50% as compared to the previous generation. The machine can be field configured up to 24 pt. Board stock.

The third generation 750S incorporates an inline scanning procedure of each sheet to ensure quality throughout the print run. Further enhancing this capability, Fujifilm has introduced a full sheet scanning function, one that ensures that each printed sheet matches a pre-approved image quality standard.

Ed Pierce, product marketing manager, graphic systems division, Fujifilm North America Corporation, said “With the new J Press 750S, you can now print a six-up letter-size imposition, and with the increase in speed, we have doubled the sellable output of our previous version. As a further advantage, the up-time on J Press is reported by customers to be near 95 percent or greater, making the J Press the most efficient production ink-jet press in its class.”

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