Online tools from BookMedia at Frankfurt Book Fair

FBF from 10 to 14 October 2018


BookMedia is an Indo-Tunisian company specialized in prepress, eBooks and translation services. It provides services from graphic designing to content development, from printing to publishing. In simple words, a one-stop-shop that also provides consultation for distribution of the final product.

The company has a team of experts with a strong industrial background and immense experience in the publishing industry. The company’s team keeps developing tools to automate workflows to save cost and time. Its eConverter tool has enabled it to offer eBooks at just US$ 0.07 and with use of its eLayout tool typesetting starts at just US$ 0.50. Additionally, the indigenous tool is developed by Book Media’s in-house team with possibilities for modifications to meet client requirements and specs.

Check out BookMedia’s online tools for publishing services and if interested in a free demo, feel free to email [email protected], and the company will roll out the Login and password details. Similarly, for an appointment at this year Frankfurt Book Fair or free demo and sample job, please email [email protected].

Some of BookMedia’s major tools:

Copy editing & Language editing tool
Books and Journal automated pagination tool
Ebook and fixed layout tools
XML conversion from various format
Lastly, PDF to word tool

Furthermore, the company claims that its software is user friendly, flexible and the customer only pays for the pages that are converted. There is a proofing took enabling comparison of the converted file and the original file for quality control measures. In addition, the software is also claimed to be compatible for all languages.

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