Newspaper color standards training – Chennai on 11 December 2017

Newspaper color standards training – Chennai on 11 December 2017

Printing consistently that produces quality results over time should be a habit and one of the strategic objectives of an advanced newspaper house. This objective is the most critical for the satisfaction of advertisers and readers of a newspaper. In order to achieve this goal, process control procedures and proven standards like ISO 12647-3 have to be established and practiced.

The one-day training program on International Color Quality, scheduled on 11 December 2017, aims to cover the specifications of ISO 12647-3, its relation to the ICQC competition and the role of the quality of newsprint and ink in achieving compliance to the standard. This training will help understand the concepts of color quality in newspapers, to achieve ISO 12647-3 compliance and ICQC membership.

Introduction to ISO 12647-3
Standardizing raw materials for ISO 12647-3 implementation
ICQC 2018-20 – Approaches to win ICQC membership
Implementing ISO 12647-3 in a newspaper production facility
Densitometry and colorimetry

Prabhu Natarajan, research engineer at WAN-IFRA South Asia, who is responsible for activities at WAN-IFRA Research and Material Testing Centre, Chennai. He is also the project manager for International Color Quality Club (ICQC) 2018-20.

Very few seats are available! For more information, download the brochure. Send your registrations to [email protected]

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