Typography Day – ‘Beauty, Form and Function in Typography’

Typography Day – 'Beauty

Typography Day will be organized for the eleventh time from 1 to 3 March 2018 at Sir J J Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai in collaboration with the Industrial Design Centre (IDC), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) with support from India Design Association (InDeAs) and Aksharaya.

Build around the theme ‘Beauty, Form and Function in Typography,’ the event will feature a day of workshops on typography and calligraphy followed by two days of conference. The international conference will be devoted to addressing issues faced by type designers, type users and type educators. The conference will include presentations by invited keynote speakers, eminent academicians, blind juried papers, industry professionals, research scholars and students. The event will also host an exhibition of selected posters and typography works of students and faculty members from renowned design institutes.

JJ school

Sir J J Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai

The event will take place over three days where Day 1 will host workshops on typography and a meet on ‘Research in Typography’ while Days 2-3 will have a conference focusing on ‘Beauty, Form and Function in Typography,’ Typo Quiz, exhibition and installations along with an award ceremony.

The conference will focus on experiments and explorations in beauty, form and function in typography in the context of culture, in the process of learning, while using multilingual scripts, in native (Indigenous) scripts, in local languages and research activities.

Logo design competition
Competitors will have to design a logo for ‘Typography Day 2018’ so that it expresses the theme of the event. As the conference is being held in Mumbai, contestants are encouraged to include the context of Mumbai in the logo design. Calligraphic or digitally created letter forms or existing fonts, or a combination of these can be used for the logo. The logo should also include the words ‘Typography Day 2018’ or ‘Typo Day 2018.’ The resulting logo should be of the given size and specification. The competition is open to all; non resident Indians, as well as foreign nationals can take part in it. The deadline for entry submission is 30 September 2017, and the results will be declared on 31 October 2017.

Poster design competition
The contestants will have to design a poster to express beauty, form and function in typography and use the language, script and typeface of their choice. They can make use of one letter, one word, many words or even a paragraph composed of words. Calligraphic or digitally created letterforms or existing fonts, or a combination of these can be used for the poster. The resulting poster should be of the given size and specification.

Call for Papers
Here contestants are invited to write a 500-800 word abstract (with examples) in three categories – Concerns in ‘beauty, form and function in typography’ (academic research/presentations), innovative applications of beauty, form and function in typography (case studies), and student projects on beauty, form and function in typography. The deadline for abstract submission is 30 September 2017; the declaration of accepted abstracts will be on 10 November 2017 and deadline for submission of full paper is 30 December 2017.

Registration will begin from the first week of December 2017. For more details, visit www.typoday.in

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