CHILI publisher to host webinar on best practices for online document editing

CHILI publisher to host webinar on best practices for online document editing

On 31 July 2017, from 2 until 3 p.m., CHILI publish will be hosting a dedicated webinar for the Indian marketplace, revealing the best practices for online document editing. During this one hour online session, attendees will find out what benefits online document editing holds for such markets as commercial print, retail management, packaging and large format. Jeff Cheal, senior presales engineer at CHILI publish, will be the host informing participants on how to best integrate the CHILI publisher solution into various web platforms. This will be illustrated by practical examples to ensure maximum profitability of the investment.

No brand wants to be bland – neither do consumers
The Indian market is a competitive one. High and low volume orders at competitive prices are a given. The key for any printer to differentiate himself lies in automation that delivers accuracy and a rapid time-to-market for creativity. An elaborate online document editor integration will allow printers to provide customers with a set of document templates that will allows provide the perfect print-ready PDF file. The template will consist of blocked and accessible content. The blocked content being the content that needs to adhere to brand guidelines always. The accessible content consists of areas where the customers can be as creative as they like. By combining the best of both worlds, printers can allow customers to get creative online, while securing accuracy for a print-ready PDF. This eliminates manual intervention, reduces error margin, speeds up time-to-market and frees up time for new jobs, aka revenue.

Proof of the pudding is in the concept
Template creation can be done on a small or large scale, that’s the beauty of a flexible cloud-based solution. It works for both one-off solution customers and high-volume brand clients. CHILI publisher has experience with customers all over the world who successfully integrated the solution into their existing web portal, thus increasing their general profitability. In India, Elcare Systems is the latest SPICY star to shine. The company offers a one-stop solution for brand visual merchandising to gain the highest retail visibility.

Austin Lopez, managing director at Elcare Systems, explains, “We see a lot of potential in our line of work, high quality when our customers need it is our expertise. We trialed, tested and found that CHILI publisher is the most elaborate online document editing solution in the market. We’re confident this will further speed up our time-to-market output strategy. We cannot wait to see what else it will bring us.

An elaborate webinar for an elaborate solution
CHILI publisher integrates with a wide variety of industry leading partners – it is this expertise that secures the brand’s exquisite reputation. Cheal explains, “Our solution comes with an open API, which means that it is extremely flexible for integration in just about web platform. We want our customers to not worry about how easily they can implement and deploy, but how fast they can get CHILI publisher to deliver ROI. The webinar will be filled with practical examples of how CHILI publisher facilitates the design for a faster print output.”

The webinar is open for anyone, yet registration is mandatory as there is a participation limit. To register for the event on 31 July, 2-3 p.m., please register at:

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