Wan-Ifra unveils new brand identity

Comes out with redesigned logo and website

The new Wan-Ifra logo

Wan-Ifra, the world association of news publishers and media tech companies, recently launched its new corporate brand identity, including a redesigned logo and website. These changes come at a time when the association is evolving its service offerings and expanding its global reach.

Editorial, tech, and business used to belong to different universes. They slowly started to merge in the past few years, prompted by the necessity to convert audiences into loyal, engaged users and digital subscribers.

Undoubtedly, the effects of the ongoing health crisis have reverberated within news organizations, accelerating this move towards better alignment of every aspect of publishing – newsroom, distribution, production, product development, planning, business development. This crisis has profoundly changed the relationship with news media and how it is produced, distributed, and consumed.

2021 will be marked by this accelerating cultural and strategic shift. The change of Wan-Ifra’s corporate visual identity emphasizes Wan-Ifra’s commitment to supporting this transformation.

It brings to light our call for a strategic realignment within the industry. It demonstrates our commitment to building a more robust symbiotic ecosystem for news. This unparalleled positioning in the field of international publisher associations was at the very origin of our foundation some 75 years ago. It’s still our pledge in 2021.

Wan-Ifra’s new brand identity will help bring coherence and showcase the breadth of our offerings consistently. It reaffirms our objective to be the preferred organization for the global news media ecosystem,” said Fernando de Yarza, president of Wan-Ifra.

Wan-Ifra continues to evolve and transform to meet the new decade’s challenges. Like its members, Wan-Ifra is committed to the continuous development of its activities to better serve its communities with a clear, singular purpose – innovate and prosper in a digital world and perform the crucial role of advancing accurate, trustworthy news in society.

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