Onyx Graphics V21 – virtual previews of next major release

Digital attendees get first glimpse of industry-leading RIP solution

The new Swatch Book 2.0 tool in Onyx Version 21 allows the selection of a close color patch and saved as a source color for another iteration of outputs for an even closer match
The new Swatch Book 2.0 tool in Onyx Version 21 allows the selection of a close color patch and saved as a source color for another iteration of outputs for an even closer match

Salt Lake City, Utah, 10 November 2020 – Onyx Graphics has announced it will unveil the next major version release of its industry-leading RIP software for wide-format inkjet printers through a series of virtual events. Virtual event attendees will get a first glimpse of the newest Onyx version 21, offering print service providers (PSPs) a faster, easier way to match colors and streamline tile job workflows for reliable large format printing. Version 21 includes several practical features for making life easier for customers in the display process. It also has new dynamic print label capabilities for PSP branding and connecting to existing business tools.

We had the opportunity to interact with Onyx’ manager for International Marketing, Jonathan Rogers who said that in developing the major upgrade, the company asked itself, “How can we help print shops today, in the current situation.” He explained that Version 21 contains several features to speed up the workflow with tools for improving color accuracy, especially for special and spot colors.

There are practical features to help print shops such as the easy generation of tilemaps for the quick and safe installation of the signage without shuffling through the output tiles. Another useful feature helps PSPs easily add their logos, barcodes, and QR codes on the output, which increases their branding and recall value and connection to customers. For instance, the QR code can also contain the job information in case or more tiles, or some part of the output has to be reprinted in the future.

The Swatch Book 2.0 tool in V21 allows accurate color matching either visually or using a spectrophotometer. The RIP contains a Pantone swatch book, and while matching a unique or problem color after selecting the media profile, patches can be selected visually for the closest match and output on the printer for evaluation. The closest match can then be selected as a source color, and a new set of swatch patches can be output for fine-tuning the match.

The Swatch Book 2.0 tool for finding the closest match can also generate a report of the spectro delta E readings

Instead of matching color visually, a spectrophotometer can be selected from the list provided within the software, which then understands its characteristics, including the type of output strip or scale it can easily read. The selected closest patch in the swatch book is output, and a set of patches are printed, and when measured, the patch with the lowest delta E can be selected. For fine-tuning, this patch can be made a source color, and a new iteration of patches can be output. The finally selected source color can be added to the print mode and appropriately named with a comment.

While the features such as tilemaps and Swatchbook 2.0 are set in the Job Editor, the Quikset feature allows for their automation. Overall, Version 21 seems to be full of practical and easy to use features that enhance the PSP’s branding and convenience in delivering large signage output that is easy to use with convenient features for the customer’s signage display team.

Version 21 is a major release for the full range of Onyx solutions including Onyx Thrive print workflow software and all Onyx RIP products. Demonstrations will be held online during the virtual events with special sessions for the press, authorized Onyx resellers, and print service providers. “Our customers deserve solutions that help them improve and grow their business,” Said Matt Crawford, director of Product Marketing at Onyx Graphics. “This upcoming release provides new innovative tools they can use to achieve exactly that.”

Onyx Version 21 virtual event registry

Details of the virtual event are listed on the company’s website at www.onyxgfx.com, where there is a sign-up form with additional options for release information and free trial requests. Attendees may request follow-up one-on-one calls and meetings with Onyx representatives to discuss further questions and obtain upgrade, purchase, or pricing information.

Version 21 availability

Onyx Version 21 software is anticipated to be globally available in November 2020, covering the entire product portfolio of Onyx solutions, including Onyx Thrive print workflow software; and all Onyx RIP products. It will be available to all Onyx Advantage customers by requesting a key update and all other customers through a license purchase. Onyx Graphics is promoting a special offer for all virtual event attendees. Customers are encouraged to visit www.onyxgfx.com for more information on how to register.

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