News revenue growth webinar 26-27 October 2020

Managing revenue growth in pandemic times

Wan-Ifra training revenue growth in pandemic times
Wan-Ifra training of managing revenue growth in pandemic times

For news revenue growth in these troubled times, an exclusive virtual training for Branding, Advertising, and Marketing Managers on 26 and 27 October is brought to Indian media professionals by Wan-Ifra. There has never been a time in modern life when an event like Covid-19 has had such a devastating impact on commerce, mental health, and the economy. It has been devastating globally. Every organization should focus on three major components during this pandemic – safeguarding its employees, plans to overcome the challenges of recovery, and plans to retain their position post-Covid-19.

In this virtual training program, the discussion will be on how to overcome the challenges that Covid-19 has thrown at every country, industry, and media publication and the ways to drive the revenue through various sources. The key topics are first, ‘Driving Revenue Growth’ and secondly, ‘Optimising the advertisement revenue.’

The purpose of this training event is to determine two things – is our mindset aligned to deal with the market condition in which we are selling? Is our ad stack, or what we are proposing to advertisers aligned with what they want to buy?

Western markets’ relevance to Indian ad buying

The participants will learn about the principles of media businesses, the mindset required for growing revenue, and a detailed understanding of market conditions. The program will also draw references from Western markets on what advertisers are buying and learn about their relevance in the Indian context.

Topics will include – Branded Omnichannel Content; Contests to increase engagement; Social media sponsored posts; and, Optimized ROS. The training will have group discussions and interactive sessions to engage with the trainer and co-participants and to test if the validity of various observations.

The trainer is Kirk McDonald, senior vice president, Revenue and Operations, Media Central, USA. McDonald is a veteran media executive who brings a strong fundamental understanding of publishing, technology, and sales to MediaCentral. In 2010 Kirk co-founded Adtaxi while serving as EVP of Digital First Media. Kirk grew Adtaxi to sales of over US$ 100 million across 6 countries and 166 cities in its first five years as its President. Kirk’s previous C-Suite and executive positions include CEO of the Denver Newspaper Agency (publisher of The Denver Post & Rocky Mountain News) from 1999-2006; EVP Digital Sales & Marketing, Digital First Media from 2009-2013; CRO/Senior Consultant at the Toronto Star 2015-2016.

The session timings of over each of the two days are from 10:30 am to 1 pm. 26 October 2020, from 10.30 am to 1.00 pm; and, 27 October 2020 from 10.30 am to 1.00 pm. The fees are for Wan-Ifra members Indian Rupees 5,000 / Euro 70 for each participant. For non-members, the fees are Indian Rupees 6,000 / Euro 85 for each participant. There is an 18% GST to be paid in addition to the fee. For information and registration.

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