Digital marketing – 50 referral software solutions

A mega list of 50 referral software solutions

87 from the megalist of 50 digital marketing solutions from the megalist of 50 digital marketing solutions

The main idea should be to grow your word-of-mouth marketing. To say that there are a lot of referral marketing tools out there would be an understatement. From Enterprise solutions to niche-focused tools, utility and prices range vastly based on the size of your business and your use case. The SaaS options in our mega list allow you to create viral loops and launch all kinds of referral marketing campaigns (viral competitions, sweepstakes, leaderboard contests, pre-launch waitlists, and much more).

Keep in mind, that the features for each referral program in this list are not comprehensive and the list order does not represent rank. There are no subjective opinions or reviews here – the goal is to simply provide you one place to view all of the different referral marketing solutions available today in the market. There are many interesting solutions in this list including talkable and Influitive.

Who made this list?

It is the team behind GrowSurf – a referral marketing platform that lets you easily launch refer-a-friend programs to supercharge growth for your internet business. If you want to know why we built another referral marketing software solution when there are already 50+ others out there, check out our story. So, without further delay, here’s our list of 50 referral marketing software programs…Click here.

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