Techkon launches virtual open house

For personalized Q&A sessions on Pressroom Color Management

Techkon virtual open house

Techkon – the innovation leader in high-precision color measurement solutions for the global print and packaging communities – announced its first-ever virtual open house. Techkon has gained worldwide recognition not only for its innovative line of color quality solutions, but also for its commitment to providing customers with superior individualized services including interactive educational content, free software and hardware training, and now the virtual open house.

The virtual open house will serve as a tremendous platform for print and packaging professionals to engage in short, one-on-one, informal, virtual face-to-face, question, and answer sessions. All print and packaging related professionals are encouraged to attend and ask questions they may have related to color standards, color quality, instrumentation, workflow, and process control. The event will take place over a 3 day period from 23 June to 25 June. A dedicated group of Techkon team members will be hosting sessions on the following topics:

Getting to Know Techkon – Touch base with a Techkon veteran to learn more about who we are and what we do;

Ask a G7 Expert – Do you have questions related to G7 benefits or implementation? See what our in-house G7 certified expert has to say;

Technical Support – Book a session if you are already a Techkon customer and have questions regarding your instruments, software, or any color-related topic;

Handheld Instruments – Learn about Techkon’s latest line-up of handheld densitometers, spectrophotometers, and plate readers;

Color QC Software – This session is for packaging printers thinking about implementing color QC software to get up to color faster. Ask us how our solutions can help;

Scanning for On-Press Color Control – If you are an offset printer contemplating the benefits of a press-side scanning system or closed-loop color control, bring us your questions;

Inline Color Quality – Are you a packaging printer who is tired of stopping and starting the press to take color measurements? Let’s discuss the benefits of inline quality control.

“The virtual open house is the perfect venue for print professionals to connect with Techkon and find solutions to their pressroom color management questions. We are thrilled to be able to offer one-on-one live sessions and look forward to the opportunity to meet with so many of our current and prospective customers as well as our respected partners in the industry,” states Stephen Rankin, director of Product Development at Techkon USA.

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