Ricoh Business Booster program on Inkish TV

To help PSPs identify opportunities

Ricoh Business Booster Program on Inkish TV

Printing operations looking to create their new normal following the landscape changing impact of the global pandemic will be given a helping hand with a Ricoh Business Booster program on Inkish TV. The 15-minute webinar, on 25 May at 1 pm (CET) (4:30 pm IST), will be presented by Business Booster program developer Mark Hinder, manager of Business Development, Commercial Printing Group. He will then host a short Q&A session.

After a brief industry update the webinar will look at how Print Service Providers (PSPs) can use Ideation to encourage new approaches. It will outline how they can transform their current operations, investigate new opportunities, and develop fresh ways of working.

The step by step guide will explore how an idea is created, tested, developed, and evaluated. It will show how to accurately assess which products create the most profit and can be produced cost-effectively. It will also discuss why it is important to confidently identify and remove problematic products.

“The Business Booster program will help support Ricoh clients as they explore innovative ways to maintain, transform, and even grow their business, in these very challenging times,” says Erwin Busselot, director, Business & Innovation Solutions, Commercial and Industrial Printing Group. “Seeking a new normal means different things to different operations and we have designed an approach that takes into account markets, sectors, technologies, and capabilities. It allows business leaders to redefine their focus, examine new opportunities, and implement fresh ideas.”

“There is no better time to value the ideas that your business is generating but make sure you are focusing on priorities that can generate cash,” says Hinder. “The program will show PSPs how to identify the best opportunities and nurture them in the most effective way. The tips and tricks will include the best approach to research, solid business templates, effective tools, and simple methodology that will enable operations to create a clear pathway to profitable business models.”

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