Recommended procedures before restarting Suprasetter

Points to be remembered

Heidelberg Suprasetter CtP

Procedures to be followed before restarting CtP equipment

  • Leave the UPS on for 3 – 4 hours for the battery to recharge
  • Check UPS for errors or abnormal sounds. If any, please notify UPS vendor
  • Ensure that the pneumatic compressor and air drier are both ON. Check the air pressure in the pneumatic gauge
  • Maintain room temperature at 22 degrees Celcius. Wait for 30 minutes before switching on the CtP, Processor, and server, giving time for the equipment to adjust to room temperature
  • Most electronic components fail, because of thermal runaway and condensation. So, it is strongly recommended to switch on any electronic device, after it adjusts to room temperature
  • Clean the CtP room and check for any sign of rodent attack. If possible, remove CtP cover and inspect and call Heidelberg prepress support, in case of any issue
  • Check server, workstation, a network switch, and network cables. Switch on server and workstation (cockpit, shooter, server). Check for network connectivity
  • Wait for 15 minutes, until all background processes stabilize in the server
  • Open the CtP GUI application for CtP models after 2012
  • For CtP models before 2012 – Switch on the CtP, server/shooter & workstation
  • Switch on the CtP, check for any error message and fix it. In case, the error persists, do call Heidelberg’s prepress experts for assistance
  • When CtP is ready, start the Prinect cockpit/meta
  • Start with one job, output one plate, and visually inspect the plate. Check with dot-meter for any dots


  • Drain water completely from the developer and wash sections
  • Clean all rollers in developer and wash sections
  • Clean developer filter and water filter
  • Check developer and water drain pipes thoroughly
  • If any error occurs, call Heidelberg prepress support
  • Reset plate counter, filter counter, etc via statistic menu
  • Check developer and replace it, also, replace Gum
  • Process one plate and check for any abnormal sound or error
  • Proceed with normal production

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