No injuries in Thomson Press fire in Faridabad

Publication paper warehouse gutted

Fire at Thomson Press India warehouse
Fire at paper warehouse of Thomson Press India in Faridabad in Delhi NCR Photo via social media

Several days ago, on 25 April 2020, a fire broke out and engulfed one of the paper store buildings of Thomson Press India in Faridabad in the Delhi NCR. Thomson Press is owned by the promoters of the Living Media group that publishes India Today and other magazines, there were no injuries or casualties in the fire apparently started by a short-circuit. Shown in a video available on social media the fire destroyed considerable quantities of publication papers and converting equipment.

Thomson is a leading commercial printer in the country and also a major exporter of printed books. It has been operating at a minimal level during the Covid-19 induced lockdown engaged in the production of the group’s own periodical and other urgent time-bound products for its customers.

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  1. An unfortunate event at one of India’s leading printers and book exporters. Fortunately, no-one was hurt or injured and the damage seems to have been restricted mainly to raw materials.


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