Maintenance tips for Suprasetter CtP equipment

COVID-19 situation in India

Heidelberg prepress equipment

COVID-19 has led to a nationwide lockdown, threatening life and economy. Heidelberg urges us to rise in unison to break and beat COVID-19 and co-operate and support the lockdown, by not stepping out of your homes. Like most enterprises, print Suprasetter CtP equipment in perfect condition.

General maintenance for Suprasetter equipment

• Switch off the CtP from the main power supply

• If the CtP is enabled for compressed air connection, switch-off the compressor and remove air from compressor completely

• Restrict entry to the CTP room and keep it locked

• Safeguard the machine from dust & rodent with a protective covering

• Install traditional / glue mouse-traps at the production room


• Switch off the processor and disconnect from the power supply

• Remove water from the water wash and developer sections

• Remove gum from the gum/finisher section

• Remove and clean developer and wash filters

• Refill the water in developer and wash sections

• Clean Rollers and mount back in the correct position

Server and workstation

• Switch off server & workstations and disconnect from the power supply

We also urge you to implement recommended safety measures in your office and shop-floor, thereby ensuring that both you and your colleagues remain unaffected of the pandemic.

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