Komori maintenance guide for lockdown

Points to be noted

Komori sheetfed offset press

Maintenance before or after long holidays

Maintenance Before

  1. Do not use an air gun when cleaning the main panel and circuit board. If necessary, carefully suck up the powder dust by vaccum cleaner.
  • There is a case that the powder after sprayed may stick to the relay point and cause a problem.
  1. Record the amperage of ammeter at the time of operation at low speed.
  • This record will help an operation after holidays.
  1. Discharge the air from both compressor and press after turning off the main power of the press. If possible, discharge from each drain cock.

Maintenance After

  1. Turn on the air conditioner in the plant from the day before the operation day.
  • There is a data that it takes for 24 hours to have all parts of the press at a suitable temperature.
  1. Check if the oil in the oil bath keeps the upper limit showing on the oil level gauge. If not, fill the oil.
  2. Turn on the main power of the press and operate the lubrication pump for ten minutes or more.
  • Each device will be lubricated.
  1. Send a compressed air to the press after checking the compressor showing high.
  2. Idle slowly for a while (half day if possible) and warm up the press.
  • It will be effective if other preparations can be made during this process.
  1. Check the movement of air cylinder and other while idling.
  • Turn on/off the switch several times and check a switching sound of solenoid valve.1. Komorimatic

    2. Ink form roller On/Off

    3. Cylinder On/Off

    4. Peripheral equipment

  1. Start the normal operation if there is no problem as a result of checking the amperage on the ammeter after idling for about one hour at low speed.

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