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Alexander Wassermann, chief executive officer of manroland web systems
Alexander Wassermann, chief executive officer of manroland web systems

On 17 August 2018, manroland web systems and Goss International announced the completion of a transaction to combine their businesses. The new company will operate under the brand name ‘manroland Goss web systems’ with claims to becoming the strongest supplier to web printing companies worldwide.

Alexander Wassermann, chief executive officer of manroland web systems, will become chief executive officer of the new company with global headquarters in Augsburg, Germany. The company’s North American headquarters will be in Durham, New Hampshire. Mohit Uberoi, the previous chief executive officer of Goss International, will stay connected with the business as a board member and assist the management team with business integration.

One understands that the merger priorities and details would come first in relation to the North American and European markets with other markets’ operational details to come later. As for India, manroland web systems currently has its own Delhi-based subsidiary in the country while Goss is sold and serviced by distribution by Mumbai-based SL Kulkarni Cyril Graphics.

Contiweb and manroland web production not part of merger

The shareholders of manroland web systems and Goss International, the Lübeck-based Possehl Group and NY-based American Industrial Partners (AIP) respectively, will both remain shareholders of the new company supporting the established business-building strategy. The Contiweb business as well as the manroland web production business developing the hybrid Varioman series are not included in this transaction and will stay independent as AIP and Possehl portfolio companies, respectively.

Synergies, innovation and optimized services

Alexander Wassermann, chief executive officer of manroland Goss web systems said, “Both manroland web systems and Goss International were on a sustainable path to success. We will strengthen this path by increasing our global reach, continuing our innovative and focused R&D activities, and enhancing our market presence through targeted consolidation. Our customers will be able to choose from an even broader portfolio of products and services, supported by the industry leading eCommerce platform MARKET-X.”

The merged manroland Goss web systems company will concentrate on four main business areas: System Solutions (highly automated press and postpress equipment including pre-owned offerings and press relocations), Engineered Solutions (mechanical, automation and closed-loop solutions for all types of presses), Service Solutions (best-in-class service in parts, labor, tele-support and performance-based service agreements), and eCommerce Solutions (electronic marketplace for efficient ordering and logistics performance for all suppliers to the web offset industry).

The starting point for the merger is the combined expertise of its 1000+ employees and its suppliers. Both manroland web systems and Goss will leverage their successful structural and technological developments in recent years within new product development, expansive aftermarket product offerings and development of a lean business structure in line with overall market trends to build a strong business platform for the future. At this point there is no clarity on redundancies in either of the formerly competing components of the newly merged company.

Furthermore, with its broad range of products and services, the new company aims to be the high-performance partner for all web printers with a ‘best of the best’ approach. Starting 17 August 2018, the combined company will work actively with all customers on a positive development of the web-fed printing business.

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