Q.I. Press Controls solidifies cooperation with Belgium-based Coldset Printing Partners

Control systems at Belgian newspaper printer

L-R: Erik van Holten, chief executive officer, QIPC; Paul Huybrechts, managing director CPP, and Erwin van Rossem, head of sales at QIPC
L-R: Erik van Holten, chief executive officer, QIPC; Paul Huybrechts, managing director CPP, and Erwin van Rossem, head of sales at QIPC

Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC) and the Belgium-based Coldset Printing Partners (CPP) have further solidified their cooperation. CPP is modernizing its printing plant in Paal-Beringen in Belgium. Meanwhile, QIPC is playing a big role in automating both its existing and its newly acquired presses. The two companies have been cooperating since 2009. QIPC develops optical measure and control systems. Additionally, it is globally active in the newspaper and magazine printing industry.

CPP placed the order with QIPC for the mRC-3D system for register and cut-off control on the new KBA Cortina presses. The Belgium-based company is responsible for printing Flemish dailies such as De Standaard, Het Nieuwsblad, Het Belang van Limburg and the Gazet van Antwerpen, as well as Dutch newspapers, such as De Telegraaf and De Limburger. It is anticipating better working practices. THe overall quality of its printed matter will improve as well.

State-of-the-art machines

“We attach great importance to innovation. We are therefore keen to work with partners who have a proven track record in this field. In our experience, QIPC is such a partner. Our new orders are based on that partnership. And we regularly hold meetings with them about innovations that we can introduce into our production operations,” Paul Huybrechts, managing director of CPP says.

Erwin van Rossem, head of sales at QIPC says, “Back then, they were one of the first businesses to invest in automatic color registration. Having had a chance to put the new technology successfully through its paces, they were bold enough to make further investments. This kind of collaboration only comes when mutual trust and satisfaction about the partnership is high.”

In addition to two new KBA Cortina presses, all machines currently operating in the plant are to be modernized in partnership with QIPC. “At the moment, we have three printing plants in Amsterdam, Paal-Beringen and Groot Bijgaarden. The latter is due to close at some point, which means the focus will be even more on Paal-Beringen. What’s more, as well as the newspapers printed for Mediahuis, we also produce for other partners. Working under pressure and to tight deadlines means we have a need for reliable, efficient systems. It is partly down to the partnership with QIPC that we can refer to our printing presses as state-of-the-art machines,” says Huybrechts.

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