WAN-IFRA Digital Content Monetisation Workshop

WAN-IFRA Digital Content Monetisation Workshop
Kevin Anderson

The WAN-IFRA Digital Content Monetisation Workshop 2017 will help participants build a data strategy to maximize revenue, diversify revenue streams, handle ad networks, use programmatic advertising, video and pod casting and other similar techniques. Some of the segments which will be covered in the workshops are – how to grow audience revenues; how to target specific audiences for special sections; what are the paid content models; how to develop premium content syndication; diversification of revenue streams; and what is remnant and programmatic advertising.

It is now a strong global trend that digital competes closely with print-media. This is injecting a sense of instability and insecurity in the minds of journalists, ad sales as well as media management professionals alike. In a digitally driven world, the need of the hour is to embrace convergence and mitigate risk. This can only be done if media management realizes how important it is to make digital a part of their product offering seamlessly and use it effectively to add value to the end-user as well as the advertiser. The target group of this workshop are editors, online editors, new media editors, newsroom managers, product managers and marketing managers who wish to learn the various content monetization models to make the most of their digital content.

Kevin Anderson, who is the founder and CEO of Ship’s Wheel Media, USA is the trainer of this workshop. Prior to this, Anderson worked as executive editor overseeing two Gannett newspapers in the United States. He has over 15 years of global digital journalism experience. In 1998, he became the first online journalist for the BBC outside of the US, based in the BBC’s flagship Washington bureau. In 2006, he joined The Guardian in London as their first blogs editor and later became digital research editor and a contributor to its ground-breaking data blog. From 2010 to 2014, he worked as an independent digital media strategist for news organizations around the world including Al Jazeera, India’s Network18 and Reed Business Information. Download programme brochure here

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