Good journalism wins the heart and the purse of the readers

Good journalism wins the heart and the purse of the readers

It’s a no-brainer that quality journalism and content are key elements to hold your readers. Readers expect that the stories are covered in detail with great journalistic presentation. They are even willing to pay, no matter what the price tag of such a product is, as proven by The Hindu in some of its recent initiatives.

The Hindu, a leading English daily in India has strategically increased the number of stories in the newspaper and at the same time increased the cover price of the newspaper.

Mukund Padmanabhan, editor of The Hindu will explain how this strategic approach to their product helped them to win over paying readers at the upcoming WAN-IFRA India 2017, the 25th annual silver jubilee conference on 12 to 14 September at the ITC Grand Chola, Chennai.

To participate in this presentation and other unique case studies from around the world, register for the WAN-IFRA India 2017 conference, the meeting point of news publishers in South Asia. The WAN-IFRA India 2017 brochure can be downloaded from

Register online at or call: +91.44.4211 0640 or eMail: [email protected]

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