Shree Parth Graphics installs Kodak CtP and Enthrone 29 press

Quality improvement with prepress and press installation

L-R: Jitendra Rohilla, Ajay Agarwal, Subhash Soni and Mahesh Kumar

From working at a prepress house to setting up his own graphic design house, to screen printing and then setting up a printing unit with an old Heidelberg machine, the two-decade-long journey was arduous and enriching for Subhash Soni. A strong base in graphic arts over the years as an employee and then a first-generation entrepreneur, the dream was to grow business as well as the brand of Shree Parth Graphics.

Based in Indore, Shree Parth Graphics signed with Insight Print Communications to purchase a Kodak Trendsetter Q400 with Prinergy bundle, and added FM screening and Printlink to power their prepress and set up a seamless plate-making operation. They also have Kodak’s T-MDE plate processor for regular wet processing of Kodak plates.

With a background in design, having a complete prepress solution in-house was critical since Soni understood the importance of highLPI printing for better quality output. The sustainability of print and business, durability of the equipment and the ability to perform in the most challenging print environments, combined with the need to have a future-looking technology on board, prompted the investment in Kodak’s CtP + Processor + Workflow bundle. SQUAREspot thermal imaging, Kodak’s industry leading imaging technology, is the driving factor behind Kodak CtP, which delivers consistent 2400 dpi throughput with high tonal stability at uncompromising speeds. The dynamic autofocus allows the thermal imaging head to deliver uniform and stable exposure on all pixels. It ensures the distance between the laser head and the plate is constant, despite any surface irregularities such as stray particles or dust that may come up during imaging, and adjusts the distance between plate and head. Kodak CtPs use Geometric Compensation while imaging, to correct any mechanical asymmetries and plate variations. This happens by aligning imaging grid to plate edge for accurate registration from plate to plate. Also, temperature compensation allows for a good fit during imaging over a wide range of temperatures.

The other logical step was to upgrade from a used Heidelberg machine to a new Komori 4-color and a coater Enthrone 29 press. Purchased through Insight Print Communications, this was another big step to bring more value into the chain of operations. Being in the commercial business, the fast turnaround becomes a necessity to subsist in the market. The dependency of maintaining a used machine and frequent breakdowns was eliminated with the Enthrone 29. The Komori Enthrone 29 press employs an array of double-size impression and transfer cylinders to ensure consistent performance on short runs of a diverse work mix. The time required for changeover between light and heavy stocks is dramatically reduced because no transfer cylinder gripper pad adjustment is necessary. It also embodies high print quality and leading-edge technologies in a press offering full basic functions. With stepless operator-side design and a small footprint, the Enthrone fits easily in any installation space. Moreover, with the free-flowing production and flawless operation of their new Komori press, they now have consistent production with minimum manpower required to support the process and execute jobs. 

Heavily into commercial printing jobs, Shree Parth Graphics turns around designs with an in-house team as a first step, also doing job work at times, and provides a turnkey solution—concept-design-printdeliver—owing to their top of the line finishing equipment, creating an end-to-end operation that strives to delight customers.

Canon digital equipment complements the printing setup by catering to short-run digital jobs. With a 100% in-house setup for prepress, press, postpress and digital, Shree Parth Graphics has achieved a higher level of client satisfaction since they have complete control over every step in the quality process. Security of design and print jobs is another big benefit. Put together, this translates into peace of mind to Soni, his team, and their customers. A complete service provider, Shree Parth Graphics is now pushing the envelope to print better and cater to even greater market needs.

The next generation at Shree Parth Graphics is already deeply involved in sustainably growing the print business, with Nikhil Soni handling the entire production and process departments, and Parth Soni contributing with expertise in graphics concept design. In fact, Parth is quite the design protégé with 19 international brand identity design contests in his kitty.

The addition of latest equipment and technologies is what drives Shree Parth Graphics to add more productivity by delivering system-driven performance over a more manual process with constant intervention. The Insight Print Communications team has not only sold and installed the Kodak CTP, Processor, Workflow and Komori Press, but also supports the site for their service needs, giving a genuinely one-stop-shop experience for their prepress and postpress and ensure they deliver the excellent service value that they are known for.

In 2024, we are looking at full recovery and growth-led investment in Indian printing

Indian Printer and Publisher founded in 1979 is the oldest B2B trade publication in the multi-platform and multi-channel IPPGroup. It created the category of privately owned B2B print magazines in the country. And by its diversification in packaging, (Packaging South Asia), food processing and packaging (IndiFoodBev) and health and medical supply chain and packaging (HealthTekPak), and its community activities in training, research, and conferences (Ipp Services, Training and Research) the organization continues to create platforms that demonstrate the need for quality information, data, technology insights and events.

India is a large and tough terrain and while its book publishing and commercial printing industry have recovered and are increasingly embracing digital print, the Indian newspaper industry continues to recover its credibility and circulation. The signage industry is also recovering and new technologies and audiences such as digital 3D additive printing, digital textiles, and industrial printing are coming onto our pages. Diversification is a fact of life for our readers and like them, we will also have to adapt with agility to keep up with their business and technical information needs.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in nominal and real terms – in a region poised for the highest change in year to year expenditure in printing equipment and consumables. Our 2024 media kit is ready, and it is the right time to take stock – to emphasize your visibility and relevance to your customers and turn potential markets into conversations.

– Naresh Khanna

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