Lockdown precautions for Polar equipment

Steps to be followed

Polar cutting machine
Polar cutting machine

Recently, Heidelberg released news detailing the precautions that must be taken during the lockdown period for Heidelberg postpress equipment.

General maintenance

▪ Disconnect the machine from the main power supply

▪ Remove the knife, clean with oil and keep it safely in the box to avoid rust

▪ Remove all the side covers and clean the machine with pressurized air to clear the dust

▪ Apply lubricant on the machine with a grease gun in all the nipples (around 15 nipples)

▪ Clean the cutting table area and apply WD40 and apply a thin film of oil to avoid rusting

▪ The clean area surrounding the equipment properly, clear the wastage bin as well

▪ Safeguard the machine from dust, rats/rodents with a protective covering

▪ Ensure that the machine is not switched on during lockdown, be ensured to check the power connections with an electrical expert before switching-on the machine.