HP introduces Latex R Series technology at Media Expo in Mumbai

First hybrid latex technology for printers

Vitesh Sharma, country manager, Large Format Production Business, HP Inc at Media Expo 2019.

At Media Expo Mumbai, HP has launched the Latex R Series, the first hybrid latex technology that merges HP’s flexible printing capabilities into rigid printing. The Latex R Series also pioneers white ink capabilities with the introduction of HP Latex White Ink.

The HP Latex R series brings high speed and quality to a wide range of rigid materials, such as foamboards, foam PVC, cardboard, fluted polypropylene, solid plastics, aluminum, wood and glass among others. Unlike UV printing technology, which creates a thick layer of ink that completely covers the material, HP’s water-based Latex Inks preserve the look and feel while delivering odorless prints that are both safe for the environment and the customer. The water-based ink introduced also opens up a new line of creative ideas and design and gives the opportunity of mixing vibrant colors without damaging the look and feel of the material.

HP believes that the Latex R series will help the commercial printers in delivering a glossier and smoother image apart from decreasing the turnout time. The variety of creative options tagged with these innovations will also help the customers in delivering over the edge results to the consumers.

“With the new HP Latex Rigid Technology, our customers can expand their offering into new, high-value applications while also opening fresh creative ideas and concepts for sign and display that provide their users greater value. Also, white ink has been a consistent problem for the industry. Traditionally it uses bigger and heavier pigment particles that frequently clog printheads, or the opaque mixture becomes separated and settles to the bottom of the ink reservoir. Until now, physically shaking the reservoirs often has been the necessary solution, through hp’s investment in innovation around chemistry and engineering, the white ink solution with the hp latex r series is an industry breakthrough,” said vitesh sharma, country manager, large format production business, HP Inc.

HP showcased three key innovations at the display. New Latex R Series Ink – The new ink opens a new line of creative ideas and design for the consumers. The Ink has the highest gamut and gives the opportunity of mixing vibrant colors without damaging the look and feel of the material. R Series Print Head Innovation – The head innovation feature introduced by HP helps in ensuring a color consistency in prints with a step to step guide process. It also ensures color repeatability along with printhead life and printhead (CLC). First White Latex R Series Ink –The Latex R Series with its new White Latex R Series Ink has the widened capacity of giving truly glossy prints which stay white for a longer period. The product will address the problem of white prints which go yellowish over time.

The technology has the capability to bring creativity into businesses such as retail, outdoor signage, window graphics, events and exhibitions, decoration and car wrapping. The flexible and durable ink gives odorless ecofriendly prints which is the most preferred option by most consumers. Addressing one of the biggest roadblocks in the printing industry, Latex R Series retains the smoothness of the prints, keeping the signage closer to its original weight by ensuring the recirculation of the white to avoid settling.

Now available in India, the HP Latex R Series is specially designed to give the customers a rich experience along with increased revenues.

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